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We truly feel that our customers' satisfaction reflects our continued commitment and dedication to quality. We stand by the products we sell and believe we have been blessed to make a transition to Tripl3 eCigs, Tripl3 eGo & Tripl3 eLiquids and can offer an improved product and liquid that will change the lives of smokers in a positive and meaningful way.

We encourage you to VAPE not smoke!

We love to hear your comments and receive your feedback! Please continue to send it in and provide your feedback on the new product. We thank you all for your great comments and support; without your feedback we wouldn’t be offering the third generation product technologies and tastes.

"I am extremely thankful and so are my guys."


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"still in shock..."


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"Y'all are family."


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"Best hands down."


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"...day seven of no cigarettes!"


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"Looks fancy on a lady..."


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"...making me live healthier."

Y & J Bruneau

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"...head over heels for Tripl3."


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"...set the bar in quality and function."


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"...never thought I'd quit smoking."


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"...pleased beyond my expectations."


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"Haven't felt this good in years!"

Dr. Tom

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"...offering hope to my son."


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