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We truly feel that our customers' satisfaction reflects our continued commitment and dedication to quality. We stand by the products we sell and believe we have been blessed to make a transition to Tripl3 eCigs, Tripl3 eGo & Tripl3 eLiquids and can offer an improved product and liquid that will change the lives of smokers in a positive and meaningful way.

We encourage you to VAPE not smoke!

We love to hear your comments and receive your feedback! Please continue to send it in and provide your feedback on the new product. We thank you all for your great comments and support; without your feedback we wouldn’t be offering the third generation product technologies and tastes.

Sherry, President

I recently purchased a AR Clone Mod, Plume Vail, Charger, Ohm Tester from your site. What I got when it arrived blew my mind. Your team had put in a bunch of extras, and a nice note thanking me for my service, as they must have seen the order was headed for Afghanistan. I am extremely thankful and so are my guys, as I was able to give them the ecigs, lanyards and Juice your people so generously supplied as a thank you. It is nice to see that even big businesses don't get too big to still treat people nicely. Thank you to all of you from us over here in the Stan. Oh and by the way, ya'll earned my repeat business and also will be gaining a few more customers, as my guys have stated they will be ordering from your site now too, as well as my mother and her boyfriend. A great gesture goes a long ways.


I'm just still in shock with how great Tripl3's customer service is


I've placed orders and had so many questions about particular products over the past year, that I feel like y'all are family even though I'm way out here in Louisiana.


Your product is just amazing!!! It has finally made its way up to Wheeling, WV and I can't promote your product enough. I've tried other e-cigs, and truly your product is the best hands down. My wife is not a smoker and has always complained aout the smell from regular cigs...You may have just saved my marriage!!! All joking aside, this product rocks, is better than traditional smoking and is cheaper...Thank you!
[He bought it at Smoker Friendly!] 

Tommy  West Virginia

I just LOVE this product! Bought my first one a week ago and went from smoking over a pack a day to NONE!!!! Thirty years as a smoker and I am on day seven of no cigarettes - a miracle for me. Thank you Triple E! Friendliest staff you will ever meet. 


I am not a frequent smoker. But now [that] I'm using eGo Ecig, I don't get the urge to smoke a regular cigarette. The eGo has a nice design and I can smoke it anywhere. My hair, breath, and clothes don't get the smell of smoke like the regular cigarette. And it looks fancy on a lady instead of a regular cigarette.

Casandra  Aruba

I just wanted to send a note on my experience with Intellicig and now Tripl3 eCigs. I have been a pack a day smoker for over 20 years. I met Thanya Croes who introduced me to the eCigs. At first I wasn’t very convinced that they would satisfy my cravings from the conventional cigarettes however Thanya, was very persistent and had me convinced to try out the new cigarettes. To my surprise I’m very satisfied with the results and since then I don’t smoke the conventional cigarettes any more I will keep on vaping! . I wanted to thank you again and more so to thank Thanya Croes for changing my life and making me live healthier. I also breathe easier because of the product. I feel better I smell better and am healthier now than a year ago.

Y & J Bruneau

Good morning Sherry & Stacey, first of all, we want to thank you both for the outstanding service you’ve been giving us from the very first day, in fact you make us feel like a V.I.P. Customer (…not joking!). Initially we bought our Intellicig in Aruba and took it back to North America with us.
Then we found you on the Web and called. Now we have been involved with the test of new products and have fallen head over heals for Tripl3. What a great taste and the VAPOR --- WOW. As I said before there are no words to express our thankfulness for the present we received from your Company. We were speechless when we opened that little box full of gifts and rewards!. Definitely, you will continue to have our business … 2 more happy customers. We would like to thank Thanya as well because of her good advice about eCig;, her kindness; for saving us; and for her beautiful intentions to keep us alive and healthy. We proudly say she’s our FRIEND. Thank all of you girls one more time, and we’ll keep in touch.

Our best regards.

Tom M, Buyer – Pennsylvania

As a buyer for a large chain of stores I want to tell you that I was able to “sample” the same co-worker who is convinced you are onto something with the new eLiquids and the amount ov Vapor. He loves the new taste and the look. He said it was the previous eCig was the best he had ever tried and now he’s had a change of heart and LOVES TIRPL3. Wanted to pass this feedback along.

Lori – New York

“I’m extremely pleased with my new eGO purchase! I actually have owned other e-cigs but the Triple eGo does set the bar in quality and function. Thank you for the fast shipping and great service! Keep it up!”

Cole – Wisconsin

“WOW! I thought electronic cigarettes were amazing when I first heard about it but your Tripl3 product blew me away! Ever since I received the new Tripl3 eGo, I haven’t touched a real cigarette and that’s saying something! The nicotine is very effective, the taste is amazing, I never thought I’d quit smoking conventional cigarettes. You have a customer for life!”

Charlie  Texas

“I had seen a friend of mine with an e-cig and I figured I would look around for the best I could find. After reading reviews and watching videos the Intellicig was my top choice. I bought the EVO Black, at first when I received it “fast shipping” I read all the instructions that were straight to the point. After setting it up “which took a minute” I took my first puff. I have the new Tripl3 eGo which is the product you are carrying now and I just got the Triple eLiquid Strawberry Ice,Take the Bull by the Horn and Sweet Tobacco in my 3-pack and love them. The next purchase will be the Mood series which I am looking at on line right now. So hard to decide since there’s so much to choose from. The vapor it produces is ridiculous .. I have never seen so much from one puff I also like the CE5 Clearamizer that I can wash out to change flavors. I think I might buy a larger selection of flavors … do you have any promotions for more flavors?

Fred  Texas

“This is some good stuff! Tripl3 eLiquids make a huge amount of vapor and tastes really great. It has a lite citrus taste its similar to lemonade and leaves a clean taste in my mouth, this would be good to use following a particularly fishy meal or something. I couldn’t believe how fast it arrived .

Nate  Utah

“I’m not big on ordering stuff online but after 8 orders with your company, I’m extremely pleased beyond my expectations. All my orders have arrived within 3 business days and arrived with all items ordered. I’ve noticed that when you are out of product which has been rare, you state it on your site and I like that because I’ve ordered stuff from other sites and when it doesn’t come for weeks, i contact them and they tell me they are out of stock but they take my money with no problem! Just wanted to say thanks for the great service and I stick with what works, so thank you very much.”

Roly – Atlanta

“I used to smoke 2 packs a day menthol cigarettes and I never thought I would quit, with the help of my wife and your company, I haven’t felt this good in years! I love the new eGo by Tripl3 and the liquids taste great! Thanks”

Dr. Tom – North Carolina

“Thanks so much. All of my orders are for my 50 year old son, Kevin, whose lungs are dying from those damned cigarettes. He refused to quit so I got him your product to encourage him to drop those stinking cigarettes. What a battle I had with him to even try one – just one puff is all I wanted him to do, finally he decided he would try the traditional taste and he liked it, but I also got the Tooty Fruity and Menthol and to my surprise he’s in love with the Tooty Fruity. So I need to order more of the liquids – he went thru the frist bottle in three days, he doesn’t put it down. I think he even showers with it in his hand. 
THANK you for your products, your company is offering hope to my son…."

Teresa – Ohio

"I absolutely LOVE my original tripl3 cGo series and cannot wait to use my new one with my bigger clearomizer!  This stuff is great and I am down to about 4 cigs a day!  Woot!"

Robin – West Virginia 

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